In a letter dated July 5, 2012, the Water Board staff summarized their response to comments provided on our blog.  "There are several locations where historic discharges have created soil and groundwater pollution that ...have been identified and are documented.  Due to access issues, identified locations (e.g. black liquor are and bleach plant) within the industrial part of the formerpulp mill and be temporarily held for future examination when safe access exists following demolition activities."

Furthermore, "We shall continue our efforts and continue our requests for any person with specific information to indicate where, what, and about when discharges occured within the areas of interest we are examining."

We all wish that we could get instant answers to what is out there on the millsite.  However, this is apparently not possible under present circumstances.  For those who gave information on this website, be assured that the Water Board has read and has taken note of the information you provided.
7/30/2012 10:22:22 pm

Let's hope the water board does what they say this time.


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