Yesterday's front page of the Times Standards and this week's North Coast Journal have articles about the Harbor District buying the mill site from Freshwater Tissue.  The mill site is a toxic cleanup site.  The Harbor District should be very cautious about taking over any responsibility for what will be a very expensive cleanup.  Freshwater Tissue would like to be rid of this economic burden. 

Geotracker, a site of the State Water Board, has a list of chemicals found in the wells at the mill site.  It is tedious to read, but even a novice can understand that there are a huge variety of chemicals found on the mill site.  Freshwater and Louisiana Pacific are responsible for monitoring these chemicals and for the clean up.
This does not include anything else that might be found on the site which would also be the responsibility of Freshwater and Louisiana Pacific. How much of this responsibility is Freshwater asking the Harbor District to take over?  Of course, Freshwater would like a quick sale, even better if they could get rid of some of their responsibility and let a government agency like the Harbor District take it on. 

Our advice to the Harbor District: