On the Geotracker site that is kept up by the California Water Board, the Samoa Pulp mill (Freshwater tissue) is listed as a category 1 site. 
This means that they are given the same level of concern as a dry cleaner or other small commercial facility.  The number of fines and lawsuits connected with the Samoa Pulp Mill site would seem to argue that this site is much more toxic than a dry cleaner. Indeed it has been a major source of pollution.

A level 1 site supposedly does not pose an immediate human health threat and does not extend off the site.  Has anyone tested the ground around the mill site.

Also, a category 1 site has generated little or no public interest.  This one is probably true.  We cannot help but wonder why.  There certainly was a lot of interest when the mill was planning to open.
When the mill announced that it was not going to open,it disappeared from the public consciousness as if it never was. ????????????

On November 17 and 18, 2011 the  wells on the Samoa Pulp Mill site were tested.  Arsenic, Chromium and Manganese were above the reporting level. For example, the reporting level for manganese is 20 and the level in the well was 1200.  These chemicals are all on the prop. 65 list of substances known to cause cancer.  For a complete listing of statistics on tests on the wells, see Geotracker.