June 17, 2011 there was an inspection of the pulp mill site.  As a result there are two letters on the Geotracker site discussing  monitoring and reporting on toxins at the site dated July 11 and 12.   SHN the company that does the testing is "creating a work plan for more investigation and remedial work at the site."  They have been notified that they need to modify their scope of work and that a  time extension has been given until July 29, 2011.

We will continue to follow the clean up and monitoring of the mill site.
We anxiously await more information from Freshwater Tissue Co. as to their plans for the site.
The Samoa Pulp Mill was a major feature of Humboldt Bay and a major polluter, but since it was closed down, the mill has not kept the community informed about what is happening with the property.  Meanwhile there has been a major demolition going on as well as a mandated clean up.  The public is unaware, and the regulators are quiet.  The mill still pays for keeping its water permit to make pulp.  It is unclear why they are willing to spend the money and why the Water Board does not revoke their permit.  Buildings have gone down.  Asbestos has been removed.  Meanwhile toxins remain in the wells and in the ground.  The mill is attempting a lot line adjustment before the clean up is completed. Geotracker has not posted anything on the mill since May.  There was a May 1 deadline for a toxin report on the cement, but no information has been posted. One letter from the Water Board mentioned public participation.  There has been no public participation and no information.