Yes, all that pollution is still out there on the Evergreen/ Freshwater Tissue Pulp Mill Site.  Two letters have been sent to Freshwater Tissue Co. and Louisiana Pacific from the Water Board. Louisiana Pacific still has partial liability for pollution at the site since they operated the mill for many years. The company that ran Evergreen Pulp Mill no longer exists and its executives have left town. 

In  letter dated June 6, 2013 the Water Board gave the mill 90 days to come up with a work plan for Area of Interest-2 which is the former bleach plant. "This work plan should use and document all available historic data for identification of process chemicals used and resulting byproducts originating in AOI-2 for chemical analyses." The complete letter can be found on the Geotracker site of the State Water Board.

Another letter dated June 25, 2013 lists tasks that will be undertaken by the Water Board during the next year. One of the tasks is to encourage public involvement. The cost to the mill will be 
$30,000.  This letter is also on the Geotracker site.