The Times Standard and the Contra Costa Times reported that the mill wants to buy water from the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District at a fixed rate for the next ten years.  They want to use this as a bargaining tool to get funding to start up the mill.  At the same time the people of Eureka are being told that due to the increasing cost of water, their rates may increase dramatically.  Does that mean they want the people of Eureka to help pay the expenses for the mill?  Is the mill planning to sell the water rights when prices go up?  Is it really planning to open or is it planning to make money off the water rights? How dare they make a deal to sell water cheap to the pulp mill while doubling or tripling the amount the citizens of Eureka pay for water?

I would suggest that this mill is a very bad investment.  It has many hurtles to cross before it could possibly open.

*****The Water Board is asking it to do a costly cleanup of the mill site. The mill site is badly polluted with many cancer-causing chemicals.

 *****Doesn’t the fine follow the property?  Evergreen still owes $400,000 in fines to the Water Board.  Doesn’t this have to be paid before they can start up and start getting new fines?

*****The mill has no Water permit.

*****What about all the improvements they were planning to turn the mill into a “green facility”?  Is someone going to give them that much money?

******A “green “ tissue factory is a myth.  It will still be a polluting kraft pulp mill unless they are willing to tear it down and start over.

*****The mill was built in 1965 and is old.  It has never been able to operate in complete compliance with environmental laws.  It has a history of violations and breakdowns.

*****Those of us who live near the mill will give them grief every step of the way and will attend all regulatory meetings to prevent them ever opening up again.