Thanks to a comment made on this blog we learned about this case which involves David K.K. Tsang the former Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Pulp.  Evergreen Pulp ran the Samoa Pulp Mill when it last operated.  On July 7, 2014 in Oregon District Court Astra Oil Co. LLC sued Hydro Syntec Chemicals and David k.k. Tsang for fraud.  We don't know the results of this court case but are looking into it. Hydro Syntec Chemicals, according to Dunn and Bradstreet is the only Asian supplier to end users of industrial grade caustic soda. They get their soda from  our old friend Lee and Mann, formerly affiliated with Evergreen Pulp. 

In another case heard in Humboldt County Court. Basic Chemical Solutions sued Evergreen Pulp of Colorado, Hydro Syntec and David K.K. Tsang. There is more information on this case on this blog dated July 4, 2012. The allegation was misrepresentation of facts.

We don't know how either of these cases turned out.  It became hard to follow the case in Humboldt County because of the many extensions.  If anyone knows more about these cases, please comment below,

Kevin Callahan
5/27/2015 01:27:47 pm

Futher my last please find this tid bit.... Graduating Harvard Law also disbared in BC. You can also google the insider trading case that caused his departure early on in Hong Kong. Oh and by the way he is the son of LEE.


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