Humboldt County Supervisor Bonnie Neely's campaign office is at the Freshwater Tissue pulp mill. It is a "gift in kind" from Bob Simpson.  Humboldt County is one of the agencies that must issue a permit for the operation of the mill. Will Bonnie remember her old friend Bob when she votes? Conflict of interest?
4/27/2010 06:36:11 am

Rob Simpson's 'gift' to Ms. Neely should be paired with the fact that her opponent Ms. Bass was employed by Evergreen Pulp for a period while she served as Eureka councilwoman(or mayor?). This is further evidence that communities depending on single industries-like coal in West Virginia-develop industry-friendly socio-political structures designed to protect such industries from criticism and effective regulation.

4/27/2010 04:24:29 pm

Maybe this is the only way she will get a whiff of it when it fires up. cough cough. Hurray for Bonnie putting herself in the shoes of the workers. Then what?

4/28/2010 04:28:48 am

I thimk you will find that the large conference and office space. Has been used for a numer of "Venues".Sense the closure of the mill 18 months ago.

"socio-political structures designed to protect such industries from criticism and effective regulation".
A bit heavy and dark . But as the norm for politics goes . Not much of a conflict of intrest.Being that the board has already given its support pubicly for over a year now.

Frank ,
your comment does hold truth though. And its as old as time .Clicks , groups , clubs, Goverment , ETC.
Its not a bad thing . Its human nature.
But sure , like anything, it can be abused. Will they ,? lets hope not!

4/29/2010 03:38:55 pm

Very very sketchy!


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