What do we actually know about cancer and pulp mills.  Cancer is a tricky disease.  It is often hard to isolate one factor.  However, there have been studies of cancer in pulp mill workers and those who live near pulp mills.

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine published an article reviewing the literature about cancer in pulp mill workers.  They found that maintenance workers have an increased level of MESOTHELIOMA which is related to asbestos exposure.  Historically machines of pulp mills were lined with a type of asbestos.  It is not known whether this was true at the Samoa Pulp Mill.  However, "an increased risk of MALIGNANT MELANOMAS for pulp mill workers is a constant finding.""  "An increased risk for LEUKEMIAS has been found in many studies caried out on pulp and paper workers....In some studies an increased risk for STOMACH CANCER has been found."  This could be due to dietary factors.

A study in British Columbia reported the following: " The results suggest that long term work in pulp and paper industry is associated with excess risks of PROSTATE AND STOMACH CANCERS and all LEUKEMIAS for work in both kraft and sulfite processes."

Dr. Jim Markos from the Australian Lung Foundation reported that "pulp mill workers are at a greater risk of developing cancers, asthma and dermatitis, and there are also health risks for people who live near pulp mills."

The British Columbia Cancer agency  studied cancer in pulp and paper workers and found cancers of the esophagus, pleura, kidney and non-hodgkins lymphoma.  While this was worse for workers in sulfite mills, it was also true for workers in kraft pulp mills.

Don't take our word for it.  Google cancer and pulp mills or check out some of the articles we got our information from.


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Also, check studies of communities near mills in Rumford, Maine,  the Potlatch Pulp Mill near Lewiston, Idaho and the longterm effects of the mill in Port Angeles, Washington.

4/9/2010 12:18:11 pm

The evidece you site here is true about the older style Kraft production.
Those studys do not fully apply to the Samoa site . Simple truth.

Peter Y.
4/9/2010 01:54:18 pm

Chlorine-free mills still cause cancer. Look it up.

4/13/2010 08:30:37 am

Chlorine-free or not,,
Pulp mills "cause cancer" ?
Wow , I did not know they "cause cancer"
That should come as a surprise to white mice.

4/14/2010 02:15:10 am

Did you know Sunshine also causes cancer. Pure oxygen is toxic and water is one of the best solvents known to man,and they both can kill you. Look it up.
Cancers are also a natrual part of aging and dying .
For that matter "living causes dying".

8/19/2012 10:18:02 pm

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