Freshwater Pulp has informed the Water Board that they want to reopen July 1, 2010.  They have requested an interim permit that would let them use the existing outfall line.  This has been denied.  They have to apply for the full permit.  A list of information needed by the Water Board is included in the January 4, 2010 letter from the Water Board.  The full text of the letter will appear on Geotracker. 


I am sure they did not get the $400 million to ostensibly make the plant “green”.  This means that we will be getting the same old pollution.  It is telling that they asked for an interim permit using the same outfall pipe from which the mill discharged chemicals way above accepted levels and were fined $400,000. 


Meanwhile, the Water Board has given them deadlines for testing and cleanup of the site which is polluted with heavy metals and other cancer causing agents. (See Geotracker.)


After all the media hype about an environmentally friendly plant, it seems that it is same old/ same old with the mill:  pollute, pollute, pollute.  You say you care about the community. Just like Mr. Tsang and Evergreen  said they cared.





1/29/2010 10:15:17 am

I dont understand the whole permit in the first place are you telling me that the city has accepted a permit that opens a murderous machine...That kills by toxins causing longterm diseases and promblems not only to the human species yet also to the animals and plants.. what idiots the pulp mill is not for thee earth or for anyone who is not involved they have obvisouly shown this attitude.. so what a permit...there should be not type of permit..

2/8/2010 05:45:48 am

Apparently the mill can reopen under the old title 5 permit but only after certain matters are taken care of and the go-ahead comes from the Air Quality Management District. The AQMD needs to send a letter to the new owner and list these items clearly. We don't want the owner to think he can just reopen and then we are stuck in and enforcement mode. We all know how that goes.


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