In a letter dated May 7, 2012, David Parson of the North Coast  Regional Water Board said,

"Please note that the start date and posting of maps on " is April 1, 2012 and will continue for about 60 days through May 2012."

"Some identified locations (e.g. log deck) are on adjacent property which is not part of the AOIs.  In addition, some locations are in the industrial part of the former pulp that is currently being demolished and for health and safety reasons we do not currently have safe access to these locations.  However, identified locations (e.g. black liquor area and bleach plant) within the industrial part of the former pulp mill will be temporarily held for future examination when safe access exists."

"Some locations within the accessible AOIs were identified that required a more detailed examination.  These locations focused on the former machine shop, water treatment plant, truck dock, and sand blasting locations within several AOIs. We compared all available sample locations and sample results for these locations and confirmed what has been identified.  These data are available to the public in reports prepared by SHN, PES, and others and are located on the ...Geotracker site.  There are several locations where historic discharges have created soil and groundwater pollution that we know about and are documented."

We shall continue our efforts and continue our requests for any person with specific information to indicate where, what, and about when discharges occured within the AOIs we are examining. "

The full text of the letter is on the Geotracker site.

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