In a letter dated September 8, 2010 from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board North Coast Region to Louisiana-Pacific and Freshwater Tissue Co., they responded to the "Response to Comments and Addendum to First Half 2010 Groundwater Monitoring Report, former Louisiana-Pacific Pulp Mill" of August 12, 2010. Monitoring  is occuring in the wells on the Samoa Pulp Mill site. Remediation of problem areas is on the pulp mill site.

1".We request that remaining well pairs have their vertical gradient magnitudes and direction(s) determined in order to achieve compliance with MRP R1-2010-0023.  This item remains a violation until the required analyses are provided."

2."Hence, the lack of DO (dissolved oxygen) measurement during the first monitoring effort under MRP R1-2010-0023 remains a violation of the order.  We will not be issuing a fiscal penalty for this violation..."

3."We were unable to determine that the SHN Water Sampling Data Sheet ...actually contains three well casing volumes."  "Hence this item is removed."

4."Thank you for indicating that Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (THP) as Motor Oil (TPHMO) from MW-20 will be presented in tabular form. This item is resolved."

5."We rechecked Table 2 (MW-1) footnotes which indicate organic compounds exist that elute out on the TPH as gasoline range and in the diesel range, albeit at low concentrations". "This item still needs to be resolved."

6."Thank you for implementing field filtering and only analyzing for specific constituents of concern (i.e. dissolved hexavalent chromium..."
This item is resolved...

7."We request that monitoring and analyses be implemented as per MRP R1-2010-0023.  This item appears to be resolved but results from the next sampline and reporting effort will confirm or reject resolution of this item."

8. "We appreciate the correlations that SHN has developed between total dissolved solids (TDS) and specific conductance (SC)....This item appears to be resolved."

9."...the Document does not adequately describe what corrective actions would be applied for either field or laboratory events..." "We request that corrective action discussion be expanded so that we are not guessing what would happen when correctivwe actions are needed...This violation is not yet resolved."

10."Based on the locations of MW-12 and MW-20, a threatened discharge to Humboldt Bay exists and therefore preparation of an interim remedial action (IRA) is appropriate to prevent and minimize the threatened discharge to Humboldt Bay."

11."This item is not resolved and further data collection is required."

12. "These maps will be prepared as part of the Site conceptual model to be submitted in December 2010."

"On August 23, 2010, we received notification from SHN that AOI-8 field work will begin on September 13, 2010, with estimated 5-day duration....This email also indicates that the second half 2010 groundwater mo9nitoring effort would occur the week of September 13, 2010."

This letter is online on the State Water Board's Geotracker site.

Bob Simpson
9/17/2010 12:58:11 am

Additional monitoring wells were installed this week. SHN's work concluded yesterday.

Grist miller
9/19/2010 02:10:12 am

Bob Simpson, formerly of Louisiana-Pacific and now president of Freshwater Tissue, California's last pulp mill and the only chlorine-free/dioxin-free mill in the United States, said the mill will have to close. Simpson said the current owners of the Samoa pulp mill were unable to get federal stimulus funds to convert the Samoa mill into an integrated tissue plant. When the new owners acquired the Samoa mill in February of 2009, Simpson said, their vision was to make the mill competitive by manufacturing consumer-ready, eco-friendly, chlorine-free toilet tissue.

Rick Hind, Legislative Director of Greenpeace said of the closure, "It's outrageous that the federal government, which just offered $55 million for experimental clean coal' technologies, could not find a penny for a proven chlorine-free pulp mill and the green jobs it would support." The company's vision had broad support from environmental advocacy groups, educators, foresters, community leaders and labor unions.

Greg Pallesen, Vice President of The Association of Western Pulp & Paper Workers remarked that, "The closure of the Samoa, California mill is a prime example of failed U.S. financial and trade policies, which continue to be the main cause of massive job losses in the U.S. At the same time as the green' Samoa manufacturing site is closed forever, large polluting mills in China and elsewhere are being brought online in order to supply U.S. consumers. The end result destroys working families here at home while increasing pollution worldwide. Shame on our politicians who do nothing but talk about green' job creation. This facility is closed forever, and the families and communities in Northern California will suffer for years to come."

Bob Simpson noted that with the GP power plant, the Masonite plant and now the Samoa pulp mill being closed, the market for sawmill by-products and forest fuel is financially impacting the timber industry. Pulp chips are now reduced to the value of fuel for power plants, or as landscape bedding. There are no remaining facilities, other than compost facilities, left in Mendocino County.

Local 49
9/19/2010 04:37:16 am

Thanks for telling us

9/19/2010 07:25:24 am

Carol and friends,
What you and your few friends have done to Humboldt county will go down in history as one of the most miscarriages of justice ever.
How one or even ten people can destroy the economy for so many will never be understood.

9/19/2010 07:44:07 am

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9/20/2010 12:35:41 am

Boiler sold for 24 million,,, But stays here ,some jobs still remain.
It seems the plan for the boiler, Is to use it as a waste chemical recovery distilation plant. So if you think the pulp mill was bad.Just wait for this project to go through

BJ Wendy
9/20/2010 01:51:38 am

The "victim card" is "a bit of a time-honored technique and it works with your supporters, who are apt to believe what you say."

T.P Wypins
9/20/2010 02:57:20 am

Seeing that you all here at this blog are fond of old sayings.Here's a few for ya,,,

"Carefull what you wish for,you just may get it."
And this one from the "Joker",,,,
"Wait untill they get aload of me now."

A chemical recovery plant !

Nice job getting the mill funding delayed and aiding in the closeure !

9/20/2010 04:26:13 am

As I understand it, the purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for a serious discussison of the issues relating to the local pulp mill, not obscure Humboldt County humor. If new information about the Samoa mill appears in the media or in government documents that should be reported here. Another purpose of this blog, of course, is for communication between people who feel the mill has a negative effect on our local environment. There's no reason this blog can't function within these parameters.

9/20/2010 04:28:24 am

Why is there no public statement about the mill? Last week Mr. Simpson said he had offers and would know by Wednesday if he was going to sell off the boiler. What does "At this time, I've opted to let the mill go." mean? If a decision has been really made, why would Mr. Simpson only talk about it on our blog?

The purpose of this blog is clear: People Against the Samoa Pulp Mill. Check it out for yourselves. This mill is not green. There is no toilet paper involved. The whole plan was based on getting government money that did not come. They were turned down long before the appeal. What they planned instead was just what Evergreen did, send pulp to China and start up without meeting environmental standards until January 2014.

9/20/2010 12:05:41 pm

WTF is this--they are still going to run the mill. This is complete BS!!!!!!!

9/20/2010 12:54:39 pm

Bob, off the top of my head, I understand you can get turpentines and soap-like products from wood chips. And of course the recovery process generates power. What happened to the "2 offers from Canada" to buy the recovery boiler? Did one of them buy the boiler but leave it here? If so who owns this new operation? Are you discussing all this with the Water Quality Control Board and Air Quality Board? What about the Cease and Desist Order? Remember when you asked the Water Board for an "Interim Permit" and were told no such thing exists? Just a word of caution.

9/20/2010 01:42:26 pm

I take it that under this new plan, you will not be discharging anything into the ocean, because according to Freshwater's Water Permit and cease and desist order they still have to build a treatment plant, do testing and meet all 23 of the deadlines or they will lose their permit. Air permits?????

Bob Simpson
9/20/2010 02:16:06 pm


It appears you really don't care about the truth. One of your pals is posting using my identity. We law obiding citizens refer to this as fraud or identity theft. If you know who this is I suggest you either shut your site down or direct them to stop. I intend to speak with my attorney tomorrow to see what my legal rights are.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


dedicated westender
9/20/2010 05:19:53 pm

Yes, you have to protect your families as best you can and we have to protect ours. Amen

9/21/2010 01:26:52 am

Mr. Simpson??????

Well, if someone was writing under your name, why did it take you so long to tell us? I am sure you read our blog. You mentioned it at the Water Board meeting. In any case, we did not send messages under the name of Bob Simpson and neither did any of our supporters. Nice try to intimidate us yet again. We will contact Weebly about the source of the messages. We are not shutting down the blog. Nice try though!

9/21/2010 01:43:39 am

Mr. Simpson??????????????

Was it you on the Humboldt Herald???Interesting how you have the same writing style and the same insults on both blogs! If it wasn't you, why didn't you say so? Surely, you look at the Humboldt Herald or someone mentioned it to you.

Bob Simpson
9/21/2010 02:43:28 am


The tow blogs I posted on this particular blog are September 17th, September 20th (last night) and this blog. I can prove my statment so I encourage you to refrain from making accusations. You are only adding fuel to the fire, which may make this more difficult for your. The matter has been turned over to my attorney. I am advised not to participate in your blog again. We will be monitoring your site. If my name shows up again your problem will grow.

As far as the hearald, I have not participated for two weeks. I haven't monitored the site.

Again, I encourage you to close your site or provide me the name of the indicidual posting under my name.

In closing, I will not blog again, but we will be monitoring your site.

Bob Simpson

9/21/2010 03:20:59 am

Of the last 12 Bob Simpson comments, 9 came from an IP number registered to Evergreen Pulp. Three e mails came from different IP numbers. One of these you have claimed as your own. The most recent entry above this one was from the same IP number as Evergreen Pulp.

What kind of a game are you playing?

Read his post
9/21/2010 03:31:48 am

He is saying that he has only posted two comments, plus the one in which he is stating this for a total of three comments.

There are five comments on this blog post with his name on them. Given the dates he list, he is saying that the one on Sep 19 at 11:28:07 and the one on Sep 20 at 19:03:36 are not him.

9/21/2010 04:09:07 am

In other words, Mr. Simpson is saying the two posts regarding the mill's future (throwing in the towel, etc.) aren't his. Apparently this means that we still have no announcement as to the future of the mill although the LA Times, the Times-Standard and Channel 3 all told us last week that a decision had to be made by around Sept. 17 and attributed this to Mr. Simpson. The Channel 3 reporter said excitedly "We'll keep you posted." I guess those of us interested in the future of the Samoa mill are still in limbo --waiting.

Foolish and Scared
9/22/2010 01:20:13 am

To Mr. Simpson and all others,
I am the source of the bogus posting on Sunday, Sept. 19th at 11:28.I did not write the posting on Monday, Sept. 20th. I am sure the I.P address can verify that. I was having a very bad day, and made a very big mistake. No identity theft was intended and I sincerely apologize to all for my misleading conduct! It has been a long two years, and I have just about lost everything for myself and my family. At this time I am trying to get a hold of you through freshwater mill to identify myself to you personally. I would like to apologize to you personnally and beg for your forgiveness. I did not realize that my words would have such extreme alligations as to take over your identity.

9/22/2010 03:39:56 am

Thank you Foolish and Scared for being honest. We never looked at the I.P. numbers until we were accused of submitting Bob Simpson comments. We will not publish or reveal I.P numbers to Mr. Simpson or other people who may demand them. We are deleting all comments under the name of Bob Simpson, so there should be no controversy in the future. We may not get to them right away, but they will be deleted.

IT Guy
9/22/2010 04:16:30 am

A couple of items. It is not possible that anything Bob Simpson would send you would come from an Evergreen pulp IP address. While the Evergreen IP addresses are still valid, their servers were shutdown and are no longer in use.

Freshwater has two registrations with Network Solutions, one as freshwaterpulp( and the other as freshwatertissue ( Any correspondence from Bob would likely come from the addresses.

9/23/2010 01:42:35 am

I have removed the two controversial comments that Bob Simpson says he did not write. The rest of his comments remain.


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