Freshwater Tissue Co. was issued a Water Discharge Permit accompanied by a Cease and Desist Order which we were told would allow the Water Board to Revoke their Water Permit if they did not meet a complicated list of requirements.    They did not meet those requirements, but apparently they still have a permit.  It may all be of no consequence if they are not discharging water out into the Ocean, but it is puzzling why the permit still exists. There are many unanswered questions: Is it just that the Water Board is not concerned, because the mill is not in operation?  Is the Samoa Pulp Mill (Freshwater Tissue Co.) putting water out into the Ocean as part of the cleanup? Could Freshwater could use this permit for another enterprise? What is the value of a cease and desist order, if it can be ignored by the very agency that issued it?

There is still an existing appeal to this Water Permit.  Unless we hear differently, the State Water Board will eventually make a ruling on this appeal.

4/8/2011 03:50:54 am

Bob Simpson
4/8/2011 03:52:07 am


Freshwater has a stormwater permit. Our NPDES permit was terminated.

4/9/2011 08:07:52 am

Interesting! When and how was the permit terminated? When I talked with the Water Board late on April 8, 2011, they said the permit was still in effect. It is however, only good to processing pulp and cannot be transferred to any other use. Stormwater can be released from the outfall, but byproducts from the demolition are not allowed out the pipe into the Ocean. Furthermore, they said that you are paying a reduced fee to keep the permit in force. I looked at the agendas for the Water Board for 2011 and the permit was not mentioned. Also, the appeal of the permit is still on the website of the State Water Board.

4/10/2011 03:54:53 am

Bob's always got a "story" to tell.


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