On March 3, 2011 The Humboldt County Planning Commission granted a Coastal Permit for lot line adjustment on the Freshwater Tissue Co. property (Case No. LLA-0-01/CDP-10-06).  They want to create 4 parcels measuring between 24.1 acres and 68.8 acres. The stated purpose is to facilitate the use of vacant land by placing improvements on separate parcels.  These parcels are located 2000 feet SW of the intersection of Vance Ave. and Adams Court in Samoa, CA. (properties found in sections 16, 20, 21 township 5N Range 1W)

This permit has been appealed by the State Coastal Commission  (Commissioners Wan and Sanchez).  The area in question totals 140 acres (4 Parcels).  Appeal No. A-1-Hum-11-020 was on the Coast Commission agenda  June 17, 2011, but the item was postponed.

Why the secrecy?  What about the cleanup of this property?  Has it been tested for toxins?  Are they planning to just build on this land without testing or clean up? The Samoa Pulp Mill was a notorious polluter, and this land is undoubtedly very toxic.  If they have a plan, why hasn't it been shared with the public? 

We will be following up and have more to report on this matter.

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