In a letter dated April 16, Bob Simpson gave his answer to the letter from the North Coast Air Quality District about permitting requirements.
He said that the planned startup date for the mill is December 2010.
He started with formalities. "Freshwater understands that, under District rules, the District is allowed up to 18 months to process applications for significant modifications."  Then he begins to argue his case against an 18 months wait.  He uses lots of quotes from regulations, but it all leads to the following: "Freshwater does have concerns about the comment in your April 6 letter that modifications to the Title V perrequisites to startup of the Mill." He further states,"District rules applicable to Title V sources suggest that the permit holder is not prohibited from operating new equipment that will be the subject of Title V permit modifications until the modification is finalized." IN OTHER WORDS, FRESHWATER WANTS TO BE ABLE TO START UP BEFORE IT HAS ALL THE NECESSARY PERMITS FROM THE AIR DISTRICT.

Regarding the Water Treatment Plant that needs Air District Permits to be built Simpson said, "Freshwater will also submit all necessary permit applications to the District in connection with the planned wastewater treatment plant."  He does not say how this plant will meet air quality standards.  In a letter from the Water Quality District dated February 26, 2010, Charles Reed points out that "...we had been informed by representatives of Evergreen Pulp...that this whole mill effluent treatment alternative may not be feasible due to environmental constraints." DOES THIS MEAN THAT FRESHWATER WANTS TO START UP BEFORE HE PROVES THAT A WATER TREATMENT FACILITY WOULD MEET BOTH AIR AND WATER STANDARDS?



FRESHWATER HAS ADMITTED THAT IT NEEDS TO SELL A LOT OF PULP BEFORE IT CAN PAY FOR NEEDED IMPROVEMENTS TO MEET STANDARDS. It is no longer talking about a $400 million operation. Instead the whole mill endeavor is being done on the cheap in the hope of investments and profits.

It sounds to us like FRESHWATER IS GAMBLING AND IT IS THIS COMMUNITY THAT WILL BE THE LOSER.                                                           

deddicated westender
4/23/2010 01:46:39 pm

Sorry, Bob, but the mill has a reputation for breaking down and exceedences that last for days and months. We do not object to its looks, after all we all could see it when we moved here. We couldn't smell it or feel it right away though and that is what we object to.

Eureka has a thriving care industry, employing a lot of people who take care of people who have been injured or are on some kind of rehabilitation program. Most of them live in West Eureka. It is not right to bring people who are trying to get well to places with severe air pollution and water pollution. It just makes them sicker.

We are not willing to let you open the mill and try to fix it up after it is up and running. What if you can't fix it because of some environmental constraints and it continues to pollute either the air or water or both? We already read about this being an enforcement nightmare. And who is going to pay for the upgrades and improvements if they do not work? Where will all your investors be?

The air and water quality standards were passed under the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act to protect us from noxious emissions from unregulated industries. The Air Board and Water Board are charged with making sure these standards are met. I, for one, hope they do.

4/24/2010 06:24:12 am

Who was here first?
If your health is so important then move again.
100's of familys are hurting because of its closure.why should I care about yours when my life has been hurt so bad bt its closure
Have your heard of Alex jones and the movie Endgame?
Do you understant that Eviromentalist are merely a shill front for the Neo-Cons.Or should I call them Nazi-Eugenist ?
Gloable warming and manny other fronts are the game of the new world order (builderburgs ,rothchilds).
Tax carbon TAX breathing ?.
Erlich and the others of the earth day movment. Now admitt to having their movement hijacked by the corpertist.
Serria club and the others look closer at how they have hijacked land fron people,,and in turn used that land for corp gains.
Simply watch the Movie "Endgame" by alex jones..
Learn HOW your being Fooled for a greater takeover by the elite,,,,,,,
Do that then chat with me ,,,,,,,,,
U maybe surprised at most of us and are true feelings about the mill,,,,,,,
But untill U get off the B.S fed to U by them ,,WELL your just a tool used by the new world goverment.
Its gonna runn ! How much its TAXED to fund the new order is the real argument.

4/24/2010 07:19:58 am

I'm surprised you aren't recommending Glenn Beck. Alex Jones, of course, is a well known far right talk radio host and right wing film maker. His point of view is basically the same isolationist, anti-Wall Street, secret conspiracy paranoia that goes back to the John Birch Society and even further back in American history. Jones was born in a suburb of Dallas, Texas in 1974, briefly attended Austin Community College, and started his broadcasting career in 1996. I suppose it is a matter of taste whether or not one likes this kind of thing. The Bllderberg group and Bohemian Grove, etc., are nothing new; I was reading about them before Jones was born. Of course there is an 'order' running the world but there's nothing secret about it. It's the structure of international corporate business that has trashed the global environment (among other things) and of which all of the groups that have attempted to make a go of the Somoa pulp mill are essentially a part. The sad thing is, this same business culture basically makes use of opportunists like Beck, Limbaugh, and Alex Jones to divert the attention of rightfully angry folks; giving them scapegoats so they never become educated enough to understand who the real bad guys are.

4/24/2010 08:41:11 am

Ok some what agreed,,,
Glenn Beck can go to hell,,,with the rest of fox B.S.
I'm from the mill,,
And I believe that with oversight it can be run clean,,as time and improvements are showing.
This world needs products and jobs,,,,
100's gain by this action.
we all WILL lose if we dont keep industries like these and others here for US.
I understand its ugly,,,
Every time I drive past I say Damnn,,,
Butt only so many can sell beads and fish to the tourist,,,,,,
I WORK for the money I feed my family with..
AND I dont want to spoil this Earth.
So a middle must be found for US all.
Just like the days of the coal miners.
SEEK a togetherness,,or we fight tooth and nail friend.
P.S The right wing can all go to hell.
Butt dont think the left are any better,, they all are in the short term of thinking,,and taking big money..
So untill we all agree to go back to the 1850's (your computer too must go )
I will fight to feed my family
,,,,,,,,,,More alike then you know friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

dedicated westender
4/24/2010 05:04:47 pm

I appreciate both of your comments and concerns, Eureka and Frank. Bob gets the mill up and running with clean air and water discharges and I shut up. Problem is I don't think it can be done with the existing facility and tan oaks. Making paper doesn't have to be so toxic..Just like raising cows doesn't have to pollute our rivers.


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