On the Geotracker site that is kept up by the California Water Board, the Samoa Pulp mill (Freshwater tissue) is listed as a category 1 site. 
This means that they are given the same level of concern as a dry cleaner or other small commercial facility.  The number of fines and lawsuits connected with the Samoa Pulp Mill site would seem to argue that this site is much more toxic than a dry cleaner. Indeed it has been a major source of pollution.

A level 1 site supposedly does not pose an immediate human health threat and does not extend off the site.  Has anyone tested the ground around the mill site.

Also, a category 1 site has generated little or no public interest.  This one is probably true.  We cannot help but wonder why.  There certainly was a lot of interest when the mill was planning to open.
When the mill announced that it was not going to open,it disappeared from the public consciousness as if it never was. ????????????

3/5/2012 09:58:52 am

Its not about what the mill is rated at as it runs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Its about all the dump sites I;ve named ........!
Look when the EPA came at us all in industry back in the 80,s ,,
We me and many others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I worked for LP at more than one site doing this stock pile dumping,,,,,Under the cover of night most often.....Just dumped drums of mostly unknown Fluids from old drums . Sometimes for weeks at a time .
Again IM sorry ,,,,,,I was young,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Test the beach sand just inside the shipping dock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
YOU will get PURE proof,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,IT run out like a whitish brown froth between the sand layers and the water. Use a BLACK light to scan the water line,,,,,,,, it will glow for you ,,,I PROMISE.....
At this point I fear legal response,,,,,,,SO there it is ,,,,see you soon

3/8/2012 08:09:50 am

We have written a letter to Katherine Kuhlman head of the Water Board about our concerns. We will call and talk to her personally and specifically mention your comments. It is interesting that they are giving the public no information (as we have mentioned before). We have no assurances that the site is being properly cleaned up.
Again, will call and make sure the Water Board people have seen your comments. Thanks

3/9/2012 05:09:39 am

You remind me of my father--he was the youngest of seven children and had to quit school to go to work when his father died. He worked hard all of his life, so I could have a better life, He was constantly in pain--and yet he went to work every day. I'll bet you knew the hazardous nature of your job and yet were probably glad to have it to take care of your family. I'm sure no one blames you for any part you had in doing what you were told..

3/9/2012 05:19:42 am

Maybe a lot of people don't understand that some of us 'activists' are just one generation removed from the working class. I was able to go to college but my father worked in saw mills and in the shipyard during WWII. My mother was a waitress most of her life. Both my father and grandfather were missing a thumb due to on the job accidents. I appreciate your contributions to this blog.

3/20/2012 06:32:04 am

The Water Board is interested in your comments and are bringing it up at a forthcoming meeting. Your directions seem very specific to us, but the Water Board staff would like it to be even more specific. Where on the shoreline should they look? We have tried to download a map that might make it easier for you, but so far are having trouble with the technicalities.



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