June 17, 2011 there was an inspection of the pulp mill site.  As a result there are two letters on the Geotracker site discussing  monitoring and reporting on toxins at the site dated July 11 and 12.   SHN the company that does the testing is "creating a work plan for more investigation and remedial work at the site."  They have been notified that they need to modify their scope of work and that a  time extension has been given until July 29, 2011.

We will continue to follow the clean up and monitoring of the mill site.
We anxiously await more information from Freshwater Tissue Co. as to their plans for the site.
8/12/2011 04:25:13 am

But the system has shut us down !
We've named some bury site's, NO-one seems to care.They wont look and or don't care. It's as if the magic will fix all for them.
We are thinking of a news blitz,,,,,,
But many are scared for future employment needs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

8/13/2011 04:27:39 am

The silence is deadly. It is as if the mill never existed. Other mills (Port Angelas and Fort Bragg) have elaborate websites that explain the procedure for the clean up and the plans for the site. They have public participation. The Samoa Pulp Mill has seemingly disappeared into the Twilight Zone. No one talks about it. The media doesn't cover it. Why the secrecy? What are their secret plans? The regulatory agencies are busy elsewhere and don't have the time to even revoke the mill's water permit. Again, why are they paying to keep the permit? What is going out the outfill?


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