There is an ongoing cleanup going on at the pulp mill site including asbestos removal.

Freshwater applied and was approved by the Humboldt County Coastal Commission for a lot line adjustment.  This was appealed by several members of the State Coastal Commission who were concerned about the environmental sensitivity of the pulp mill site.  Freshwater withdrew its application.  We will be checking on further developments with the Coastal Commission.

There are no new permit applications with the North Coast Regional Air or Water Districts.

Freshwater Tissue still holds a water permit that lets it release storm water and waste from the pulp process.  They are paying to keep this permit, although they are making no pulp.  We are unsure why.

Freshwater Tissue which had so much to say while they were planning to start up the mill is very quiet about their plans for the future.

ex-but inside,
11/30/2011 09:57:06 am

They plan to rip out the base floor of the boiler , Convert to hog fuel. Tie in with Fairhaven . Sell to PG&E (Which is about to sell off the new plant(FACT). And run up our power cost.
Check out the way the new grid works in the last two years. The power goes out now. nothing comes in across the lines anymore.
Watch for new fictitious company names real soon.
Bottom line,,,,The poison is still out there,,,,,,
But watch how this new game obscures that truth.


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