A July 13, 2012 letter on the Geotracker site concerned  Areas of Interests (AOI-7 AOI-8 and AOI-9).

"The cost-benefit of applying combined air sparging (AS) soil vapor extractions (SVE) technology at full scale may not provide a reasonable cost- benefit for treating groundwater that is impacted with chlorinated volatile organic compound (VOC) plume (s) with low concentrations particularly when some level of monitored natural attenuation processes are occuring in the groundwater.  The estimated total mass of VOCs in groundwater in AOI-8 and 9 remediation zones is approximately .357 pounds and 1.09 pounds respectively."  The cost estimate is about $681,600 which is considered to be excessive.

According to Water Board staff this will be evaluated at a future time based to U.S. E.P.A. standards.  If it is still there, the owners of the pulp mill and/or past owners may or may not have to clean it up.

Please see Geotracker under Evergreen Pulp for the entire text of the letter.

1/14/2013 09:43:24 am

who can i talk to about this? there doesn't seem to be any contact information. i may have something new to add.

1/31/2013 05:16:09 am

If you have new information, you should contact the North Coast Regional Water Control Board in Santa Rosa or you could post it on this site and we will contact the Water Board. (The Water Board # 800-952-5626 or 707-576-2220 Charles Reed or Dave Parson.


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