In a letter dated February 26, 2010  the Water Board told the pulp mill that their application for a permit was incomplete and that they have to meet environmental standards before they open.  Since that letter went out the Governor's Office has contacted them pushing for a time table to allow the PULP MILL TO OPEN WITHOUT MEETING ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS. They are encouraged to come up with a time table for meeting the standards later.  Furthermore, the pulp mill will be applying for a permit to release water during the cleanup.  The only guarantee we have that they will not release some of the many cancer causing chemicals that are on site is the threat that they will get in trouble if they are caught.   They will be releasing up to 3 million gallons of hot water a day.  Can we say boiled fish?There wil be a meeting of the Water Board at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka on March 24,2010. Next time you hear a politician crying crocodile tears about global warming holding his/her recycled coffee cup,think of the pollution they allow and promote. 
3/4/2010 11:55:54 am

Thanks for letting us know that the law doesn't have any teeth when the governator decides that the pulp mill shall operate. All of us in West Eureka are devastated that this is happening when we have just started to enjoy clean air here. We are not going to let the mill reopen. Nothing like spending your retirement fighting a war. Well, we are up for it!!!

3/8/2010 02:18:55 pm

You have got to be kidding.
Yet again they are trying to make it legal to break the law.
And arnie tries to pretend he is "green".
We are used to clean air now, and won't go back!

3/31/2010 09:10:32 am

I pray And have faith within the people to be able to change the decisions of those evil doers that act without thought because of money (greed). I do not like the fact that there will be cancer causing chemicals within the ocean period is that not where we get our salt. and fish and foods needed to survive..well this will not happen in my mind... I have a right to judge, And i find the pulp mill Guilty of misconduct and purposly murdering even though they think not.


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