We just received a call from the Times Standard saying that the mill will be closing permanently.  We just checked the Freshwater Pulp Website; it's official!  Please continue to comment on our blog.  There are many unanswered questions.  Who is going to clean up the mill site?  How was this environmental disaster allowed to go on so long with so little scrutiny? Why did environmental organizations and public officials all stand in line to support the reopening of this old mill despite its environmental record?
Xandra Manns (Grube)
10/20/2009 05:48:47 am

10/20/2009 11:09:33 am

Yeah: those are some very good questions. And where was the local media in all of this? Talk about asleep at the wheel! Or not asleep but looking the other way perhaps .....? I've got a friend who's a reporter in Mendocino who isnt asleeep and is going to be very interested in this one.


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