A letter from Charles Reed of the North Coast Regional Water Board  to Bob Simpson dated March 29, 2010 said "Regional Water Board Staff is completing for consideration by the Regional Water Board at its June 10, 2010 meeting.  In addition, because FTC (Freshwater Tissue) has acknowledged that it can not immediately comply with the applicable Effluent Limitation Guidelines established for the production of Bleached Kraft Pulp and Unbleached Kraft Pulp, Regional Water Board staff will propose a companion cease and desister order.  ... I expect to circulate the draft NPDES permit and proposed cease and desist order for public comment on or before April 1, 2010 UNLESS THERE IS AN OBJECTION TO THE PERMIT FROM THE EPA OR THERE IS SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC COMMENT, A PERMIT ADOPTED ON jUNE 10, 2010 WILL BECOME EFFECTIVE ON JUNE 10, 2010."

SPEAK NOW OR...............
This is a huge assault on our environment and a shift in policy by the state of California.  Apparently, we are expendable.  In order for some people to continue their rich lifestyles, they have to dump on us.
3/31/2010 08:22:31 pm

I can't believe it. I had just gotten used to breathing clean air.


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