At the March 25 meeting of the Water Board held at the Wharfinger in Eureka, Charles Reed from the Water Board staff gave a report on the status of the pulp mill.  He said that it would take 3 years for the mill to meet water quality standards.  However, they are working up a permit with a time schedule for meeting these standards. "Regional Water Board staff will investigate options for establishing a time schedule in a Regional Water Board Order....Regional Water Board staff will prepare a draft NPDES permit for public notice and review and for consideration by the Regional Water Board at the June 10, 2010 board meeting." (Executive Summary Report March 25, 2010) In other words, they are going to let them operate without meeting the law.  All this is being done in record time.

Earlier a letter was issued saying that Freshwater Tissue had to meet standards before they received a permit. "However, the applicable effluent limitations for BOD, suspended solids, and pH for bleached pulp must be met beginning on the effective date of the permit. (Charles Reed February 26, 2010) What could cause such a turnabout? It is clear that they received some sort of powerful pressure. The Governor would seem to be the only one with this kind of power. What does this mean for environmental standards in the State of California?

Mr. Bob Simpson spoke.  He said it was just a little pollution and the ocean was big. He minimized the importance of the hexavalent chromium, arsenic, nickel, manganese and other toxic cancer causing chemicals that are already on the site.  He indicated that he was against pollutin which seemed a little hypocritical since he was asking for a permit that allows him to pollute for three years. He further stated his concerns for the people of China.  If was concerned that if we don't have the pollution here, they will have it in China.  He has just come back from a trip to China.  I wonder if he ran into David Tsang.

Somebody has to be concerned with such a clear assault on our environment.  People keep saying it will never happen.  The mill will never open again.  I hope they are right, but the facts seem to point otherwise. Wake up Eureka!!!! Humboldt County!!! Fishermen!!! Surfers!!! People who worry about getting cancer!!! People who care about the ocean, global warming, the well being of animals in and near th

3/27/2010 03:14:57 pm

What are they thinking? The last thing we need is that mill to open up again.

3/28/2010 04:47:11 am

As an evironmentalist, I'm concerned about the Water Board's latest decision. As a resident of west Eureka, I'm concerned about the mill's potential for toxic air pollution. Kraft pulp making is basically a 19th Century technology. It's like a big kettle that produces a useful product but at the same time emits a wide ranging brew of toxic pollutants into the surrounding air and water. People living near a pulp mill are basically at the mercy of the mill's management as to whether or not adequate controls are maintained to keep residents safe from these poisons. Given the Somoa mill's past record, my trust is shaky. The Water Board's recent decision doesn't help. What do we know about Mr. Simpson's past record on maintaining environmental controls?

3/28/2010 06:24:13 pm

One hopeful turn came out of the workshop on the 25th. The Sierra Club withdrew its endorsement of the toilet paper pulp mill plan because it no longer is the "green" plan they were talking about a few months ago. It also was clear that legal staff from several environmental groups were there. However, it was clear that the board plans to go ahead with the scheduled compliance plan.

The mill has never really complied with regulations before and probably never will again if it gets approved. This is a "Humboldt Thing". Humboldt is different. Humboldt doesn't allow laws to get in the way of business. Humboldt doesn't want to lose 120 good paying jobs that depend on our mucking up the environment. Humboldt doesn't want to lose 120 good-paying jobs that contributes to the high cancer rate here. Humboldt doesn't want to lose 120 goo-paying jobs to a real economy that would be based on clean skies in Humboldt attracting thousands of people spending their outdoor recreational vacations in our towns and country places. If you don't like it here go back to where you came from. That's the Humboldt way.

4/1/2010 01:02:49 pm

Well maybe you need to stop thinking as humbolt as yourself and your own opinion because i am a person who loves humbolt and loves the trees and loves the earth..just because there are disagreements on something such as this does not give you the right to put a snot faced remark such as this.. The pulp is a problem of the past and it is a problem now. I do not feel like getiing sick just because of some greed of some jackers that call there plans business. I mean just Imagin this shall we the pulp mill tour down, and replaced with a beautiful garden and natural resource area. something that could be beneficial to the inviroment economy and people of course. something that will not cause sickness. I hope the pulp mill does not open. i hope we all can just stop.


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