This is what can be proven:

California has a list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects (proposition 65). The list of these chemicals is available online.

In the proposed Water Permit (hearing date June 10, 2010) certain chemicals must be monitored because they have been detected in mill emissions or are likely emissions of this pulp mill. They include prop. 65 chemicals such as arsenic, aldrin, benzene, mercury, nickel, hexavalent chromium, DDT and many others. The draft permit is online.

There are 13 wells at the mill site. The last recorded test (2008) reveals many prop. 65 chemicals including arsenic, chromium, manganese, benzene, chromium, hexavalent chromium, nickel and many others. Many of the listed chemicals are above the reporting level some as high as 1000 times.

This is why Louisiana Pacific is being force to clean up the site. Evergreen would have been involved, but it skipped town. This information is available at the State Water Board Geotracker site.

A health risk assessment was done in 2006. Although it was done by a company hired by Evergreen Pulp, it had some interesting findings. Among the chemicals listed as toxic air contaminants are a number of prop. 65 chemicals including acetaldehyde, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, ethyl benzene and formaldehyde. The cancer risk at the point of maximum impact is 35 in one million far above the significant cancer risk level of 10 in one million. This site is located on the north fence line. IT WOULD SEEM THAT IF IT IS THIS HIGH NEAR THE PLANT, IT WOULD IMPACT THE WORKERS ON THE MILL SITE. They target hexavalent chromium and acetaldehyde as the chemicals that contribute the majority of the cancer risk. There is a scary list of toxic emissions at the end of the report many of which are on the prop.65 list of cancer causing agents. Parts of this health risk assessment can be downloaded on this site.

The mill has a long list of violations including having their water permit revoked in 2009. We will say more about all the violations in future articles. The mill is old and has frequent breakdowns which cause toxic emissions. Looking back we found a report by Tetra Tech in 2005 after an inspection of the mill which reported “visible entrained grey to black particulate matter circulating inside the recovery boiler building; grey powder accumulation on handrailings inside building,” “Pulp debris from various process stages on cement floor of downstairs of process building. Debris formed a sort of dry carpet of pulp and grey/black ashy material on cement pad outside near the sulfur tank/caustic operations area and drains.” While this may have been cleaned up, ONE CAN ONLY WONDER WHAT CHEMICALS THE WORKERS WERE BREATHING AT THAT TIME.”

All of the above are part of the public record and can be checked.

A google search for cancer and pulp mill workers has 18,600 entries. The studies of pulp mill workers are many. We will cover some of these in future articles. Some of the diseases that are prevalent among workers are leukemia, non-hodgkins lymphoma, methothelioma and cancers of the digestive system.

Only the pulp mill workers know how many of their fellow workers have come down with cancer or died from it.

Pulp mill workers don’t take our word for it. Look up the studies. Check with the Air and Water Boards for information. Then ask yourself, “AM I WILLING TO RISK MY LIFE FOR FRESHWATER TISSUE?”

5/17/2010 08:41:12 am

I guess thats the big boy world of working for a living.
Peace & love Baby.

5/17/2010 01:01:47 pm

No one should have risk cancer for a job.There is no amount of money that is worth going down the cancer road. It is not just about the cancer patient. The family of someone who dies of cancer carries it with them the rest of their lives. I know it is important to work and to provide for your family, but surely there are other alternatives. The risk would be less if the mill were up to code, but it isn't.

5/18/2010 03:42:19 am

Workers who voluntarily expose themselves to a possible occupational risk of cancer are making a choice. Residents living near a facility that emits toxic pollutants (to whatever degree) are not making a choice. They are having the risk forced on them. In either case, the person who benefits - without risk -is the owner.

5/18/2010 04:39:05 am

Your right,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
I will do my best as an Operator,,,,,
I've seen worse, Were not as bad as most.
But I get it brother !
100;s Pay bills
We send our kids to school , and better lives,,,thats our best shot at Utopia.
I promise ,,, I wont cheat.
I'll even let you know,,,
But we gotta try ,,,,,,,,,,,,

5/19/2010 01:53:53 pm

I don't think there's a lot more to say. As has been demonstrated by the British Petroleum oil spill, the whole system is rotten top to bottom. My father worked in saw mills and during my lifetime, as well as being a 'intellectual', I've had all kinds of working mens jobs. I simply don't want myself and my family to be exposed to contaminated air from the pulp mill; and over the long run I think that will be hard to avoid. I could go into all kinds of complicated statistics, studies, issues, etc., but that won't change anything. I think the people in this community made a fundamental mistake when they decided to try to build a pulp industry to replace a failing lumber economy. I think instead of trying to perpetuate that mistake we should focus on various degrees of local self-sufficieny and tourism, etc. But I realize that's not to the economic interest of ex pulp mill workers. So I'll still do what I can to stop the mill from starting up again. Like I think I've said, it's a matter of conflicting interests.

5/19/2010 04:37:37 pm

One wonders why some people log and build pulp mills to make a living while others fish and farm. I guess it has to do with how much they can afford to sink into starting a business. They might just need to be hired. Still I think it interesting that the women of Fair Isle started knitting sweaters when the fishing season ended and their husbands could not bring home any pay for their families.

5/20/2010 04:07:12 am

Yet there are many things we can not see. I believe it is time i spoke of some truth. Lately i have been experienceing Activity all around eureka and other places that give Obvious, out looks of people in the community that get payed to keep people away from the truth. Yet these individuals are hidden within society and apart of a nation wide occult, taking the power out of the people and using it for well a gift being used in the wrongest ways. Yet now i speak of the pulp mill, for those out there i have been watching watch the bay. If you go around acting and complaing then yet changing your names and actually working for those at the pulp mill to keep all the secrets from leaving. there are no secrets. I really hope that you understand that it is time we all worked together for earth insted of trying to dominate and mimicks people's connection. Stop taking ideas secretly and start letting people get involved, such as the nice younger youth that you have savotaged of health. secretly trying to make everyone sick is most definatley not the key. And yet why do you do this. Because the pulp mill and the corperations. Have hidden all there lives and it just kills them that people have better ideas than them..let go off the past we are bringing on the future. And that goes for the royal family that exists in california. Stop being mean and stop hiding, stop stealing and start realizing. The mind is aware. there is no government operation as far as earth is concerned.
Please do not open the pulp mill.


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