Why has so little been written about the Samoa Pulp Mill?  The balloon track has been in the papers every other day, but very little has been written about what was happening with the pulp mill.  Most people don't even know that Freshwater was planning to start making pulp.  Others still think that they were still planning to make environmental toilet paper.

The endorsements of Freshwater's plan by environmental organizations
is puzzling.                            

Another question is why after Evergreen left town there was no discussion of what happened.  There was token sympathy shown to the mill workers, but no one in the media wanted to delve into what happened.  I remember Mr. Tsang saying that we should not worry because it was just a reorganization of Evergreen when ownership passed to a company in the Virgin Islands. Maybe none of the local dignitaries wanted to admit how much they were taken in by Evergreen. Few questions were asked.
10/2/2010 05:06:23 am

I think thats just it ,,We all were duped,, Follow the money I guess,,,


10/2/2010 10:50:39 am

Why don't you stop rubbing it in the face of all people in this county that want to work. Just wait and see what happens next.

10/2/2010 04:33:15 pm

If the local media had covered the mill stories properly then no one would bother going to this blog.

10/3/2010 04:45:09 am

I think you are absolutely right about that, the local media has done a real disservice to the mill workers by not covering what was going on. A real investigative journalist would be looking for answers to the many questions being asked now.

Local Traditions
10/3/2010 09:59:30 am

Look, Evergreen got the 2007 "Business of the Year" award from the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. Humboldt Creamery got a similar award right before it went bankrupt.

A majority of people in HumCo have an ethic that asking questions and expressing doubts of employers is "impolite" or "rude". There's good reason for that. Humboldt has long history for resource extraction industries where "troublemakers" were summarily fired and blackballed from future employment. So everyone wants to be a "booster".

And HumCo is a fairly conservative place where people believe matters of finance are exclusively a "private" matter and "no one else's business". People are commonly involved in the "underground" economy and don't ask questions for fear of being questioned themselves.

And few people in HumCo have the education and experience needed to understand the financial aspects of business and what information is needed and how to fairly evaluate the strength of an enterprise.

Finally, many know that their skills aren't very transferrable and their educational attainment is below average. So they readily and eagerly give total trust to anyone who has some financial knowledge to "take care of that stuff".

10/3/2010 10:06:45 am

I wonder how any other press coverage would have changed the outcome. I doubt if any. Like an old friend says " all this doesn't mean a pinch of coon (racoon)shit (ca ca just doesn't sound the same) Isn't the outcome what you were after?

10/3/2010 12:53:07 pm

The outcome that many of us is after is that the mill be torn down and the environment restored to its natural state, and the natural view shed of the city of Eureka be restored.

Then we want rational clean environmentally sound manufacturing plants in Eureka's industrial zone so people can make a living. We have enough retail minimum wage jobs.

10/3/2010 10:14:07 pm

I can't wait until the thing is finally torn down.

10/4/2010 03:43:08 am

you know, everything is going to stay They just won't be producing pulp. There goes the view graveltoes was talking about. I think ,if you check, you will find out the mill site is a waste disposal site.


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