Mr. Simpson has stated that the mill is up to date on air permits.  What he did not say was that the mill's federal Title V permit is past due for renewal.  They had been operating on a temporary permit to operate issued by the local Air Board.  Their Title V permit should be renewed every 5 years. Normally, there would have been a set of hearings with public input at the end of their 5 years.  This is past due.  We will continue to look into the legality of this.
2/8/2010 05:30:36 am

I understand that the mill has to have permission to reopen from the Air Quality Mangaement District. Let's hope the Air Quality Managemet District does its job and makes it clear that the mill cannot reopen until certain things are done--and put the list in writing.. We don't need the mill to open and then have them try to enforce all the things they didn't do that they were supposed to.


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