The mills Title V federal permit to operate expired August 31, 2006.  It continued to operate under an application shield until October 8, 2008.  This gave the Air Board plenty of time to start hearings and come up with a new Title V permit.  As of this date there is no new Title V permit. 

Note that there is a new letter to Louisiana Pacific and Freshwater Pulp dated February 8, 2009 about cleanup of the site.  You can find it on Geotracker (Water Board).  It mentions some contaminants including hexavalent chromium and gives both parties deadlines to meet.
3/15/2010 03:58:52 pm

Does anyone care that we have a high incidence of cancer in Humboldt county? Does anybody care that the pulp mill sends tons of noxious pollution into the air and waters around us? Does anybody care about children and elderly (sensitive receptors) breathing the polluted air? Does anybody care about the surfers and other species that inhabit the earth swimming in the poluted waters of Humboldt Bay and the ocean?

Let the Water Quality Control Board know at their hearing on the 25th of March at the Wharfinger that the standards are there to be met before the mill can start up again and not after the mill is up and operating without meeting them. Enforcement after the fact does not happen.


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