The following is a copy of the letter sent to Freshwater Tissue
Dear Ms. Ingram and Mr. Simpson:

Mr. Bob Simpson Freshwater Tissue Co. P.O. Box 248 Samoa, CA 95564

Subject: TemporarySuspensionofMonitoringandReportingOrder No. R1-2010-0023

File: Evergreen Pulp Incorporated, former, One TCF Drive, Samoa, California Case No. 1NHU892

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region (Regional Water Board) staff reviewed the Second Half 2010 Groundwater Monitoring Report, former Louisiana-Pacific Pulp Mill, One TCF Drive, Samoa, California; Case No. 1NHU892 (Report). This Report was prepared in response to Monitoring and Reporting Program (MRP) Order No. R1-2010-0023. Staff’s technical review of the Report shows that the Report complies with the provisions of MRP Order No. R1-2010-0023.

We are temporarily suspending implementation of MRP R1-2010-0023 for the spring (March) 2011 sampling event. As you discussed with Mr. Dave Parson of my staff, a revised MRP order will be drafted in August 2011 and implemented in the fall (September) 2011. The basis for the temporary MRP suspension includes:

 The significant amount of existing monitoring data analyzed by Regional Water Board staff.

 Demolition operations at the former Pulp Mill scheduled for spring 2011.  Recent submittal of data reports which includes additional sampling and

analyses during spring and summer 2011 not detailed in the MRP.

Ms. April Ingram -2- February 11, 2011 Mr. Bob Simpson

 Delivery of a master schedule for soil and groundwater cleanup due March 5, 2011 with implementation of remedial actions beginning in the winter of 2011- 2012.

 Comprehensive data synthesis by August 5, 2011 that supports MRP revision in August 2011 for implementation in September 2011.

 Financial commitment by Louisiana Pacific Corporation for soil and groundwater cleanup.

 Implementation of monthly conference calls to maintain active participation by all parties. The first monthly conference call is scheduled for Wednesday March 9, 2011.

Under separate cover letter we will provide the technical discussion of all sampling data and identify any needed data gaps. If you have questions or require clarification on the content of this letter and enclosures please contact David W. Parson PG 6037 CEG 1889 at (707) 576-2556 or via email at


Catherine Kuhlman Executive Officer



Ms. Samantha Olson, SWRCB, Office of Chief Council

2/25/2011 04:10:44 am

West Eureka;
becareful and up date all protections on your computer.

Freshwater IT;
Trojans and worms can be back tracked .
Lets see what the DA thinks of these IP's

Old boys

dedicated westender
2/27/2011 05:00:53 am

Plannerese and legalese. What does it mean? They have enough data to stay busy? They don't have the staff to do any more? All is under control? Anybodys guess?

3/1/2011 11:08:37 am



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