The Testing of the chemicals in the wells on the Samoa Pulp Mill site for the second half of 2010 reveals that many chemicals are still over the reporting level.  These include: arsenic, chromium, manganese, nickel, total dissolved solids, tetrachloroethane PCE, diesel fuel #2,  1,1 dichloroethene, 1,2 dichloroethene, 1,1,1 trichloroethane vinyl chloride and gasoline. These are dangerous cancer causing chemicals. Why then are are their monitoring and reporting
requirements being suspended?

It is also confusing that they still have a Water Disposal Permit.  The Cease and Desist Order that was approved along with their permit said that their Water Permit would be suspended if they did not meet a long list of  requirements.  They have not met these requirements, but the permit is still in effect.


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