If you have information about the whereabouts of chemicals on the Samoa Pulp Mill property, the Water Board is interested.  They have provided maps so it is easier to be very specific.  The following information will also help them know exactly where to drill:

1) The former pulp mill is subdivided into eastern and western portions.  This is done because the western portion is actively undergoing demolition and we have limited access due to health and safety reasons.  Once demolition is complete we will have safe access to the western portion.  The eastern portion is where we are currently putting investigation and cleanup efforts because of the potential discharge threat to Humboldt Bay.  Within each portion the area is further subdivided into AOIs based on constituents of concern and physical attributes.
2) The type of input we are requesting needs to be composed of where, what, and about-when.  Without these input parameters we are at a loss of where to look and what to test for.  The about-when is requested because some compounds degrade through time and therefore other test methods may be necessary.
3) The duration the Water Board staff will accept input is about 60-days,

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