The pulp mill sent in an application for a water permit on January 27, 2010.  They want to produce BLEACHED pulp.  They also want to start up before meeting environmental standards.  They need to build a treatment plant, but could not do that this year.  They hope to have the permit by April.   There is a tentative workshop planned for March 24 in Eureka.  Mr. Simpson has said publicly that he will not run the mill if it does not meet the standards.  Apparently, he is not going to keep that promise.  It is business as usual.  Give us permits now and maybe we will meet standards later. This is the time for anyone who is concerned to speak up.  Once it starts up, it may be too late.
The mills Title V federal permit to operate expired August 31, 2006.  It continued to operate under an application shield until October 8, 2008.  This gave the Air Board plenty of time to start hearings and come up with a new Title V permit.  As of this date there is no new Title V permit. 

Note that there is a new letter to Louisiana Pacific and Freshwater Pulp dated February 8, 2009 about cleanup of the site.  You can find it on Geotracker (Water Board).  It mentions some contaminants including hexavalent chromium and gives both parties deadlines to meet.