Freshwater Tissue Co. is listed as an official cleanup site by the Water Board.  Why is there so little information (or none) available to the public about what is going on?

What is the status of the asbestos clean up?  Is it completed?  How was the asbestos transported?

There have been visable changes to the mill site?  We know that they had a permit to take down two buildings?  What other changes are taking place?

We know that Freshwater Tissue still has a water permit that lets it put two types of exhaust through the outfall pipes: pulp emissions and storm water.  There are no pulp emissions and there have been no storms.  What is going out the outfall pipe?

We also know that they applied and received permission for a lot line adjustment from the Humboldt division of the California Coastal Commission.  This was appealed by the state Coastal Commission.
Last we heard Freshwater withdrew their request.  What is the status now?

The website for Freshwater Tissue Co. has not been changed since the day that they announced that they were not going to reopen.

Why the silence?  Other mills that have been shut down and have been in the process of a clean up have huge websites to let the public know what is going on.  Freshwater Tissue Co.  has made no effort to include or inform the public.  Why?