In this week’s North Coast Journal’s “Last Week’s News”, Hank Sims reported that “the city has signed an indemnification agreement with the Security National subsidiary that is proposing to build the Marina project next to Eureka’s Old Town.  In the agreement, the subsidiary (known as “CUE VI” promises to pick up the city’s tab for any legal challenges to the project.” He also said that this happened without the knowledge of Frank Jager and Larry Glass (at least).

This sounds suspiciously like they are planning on doing something worthy of bringing on a lawsuit, like not fully cleaning up the site perhaps.  This is reminiscent of Evergreens tendency to ask for variances to get permission to break environmental laws.  This is just as suspicious as walking into a bank with a balaclava.  It is if they are covering themselves up before committing a crime.  Except in this case, the bank manager serves the balaclava-clad guy is gourmet coffee while they go over the indemnification agreement paper work. 

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