Fiberol Energy Inc. (owners Bob Simpson  and Charles Benbow) received approval of Coastal Development and Conditional Use Modifications that will allow them to process 8 tons of sawdust an hour 24 hours a day. if they receive  the approval of the Air and Water Boards. They say that air emissions from the plant will be less than the State or Federal standards. Yet, they include in their application a Certificate of Emission Reduction Credits granted to Freshwater Tissue Company.
Fiberol Energy is owned by the same people who brought us Freshwater Tissue Co. on the same property.  They just have changed the paperwork. The permit they are amending belonged to Evergreen Pulp Co.  Evergreen Pulp has left town without paying fines they owed for pollution. Why is their permit still valid? It is interesting how corporations morph from one to another and avoid consequences of their actions.  Lee and Mann from China was the original sponsor of Evergreen Pulp.  We were told that Evergreen was financially solid because of their relationship with Lee and Mann. When Evergreen got in trouble, Lee and Mann had changed the paperwork and no longer was affiliated with Evergreen.  Evergreen Pulp ceased to exist and could not be found for the cleanup or to pay fines. Then the ownership changed hands to Samoa Acquisition and later to Freshwater Tissue Co. The owners of Freshwater Tissue Co. gave part of the pulp mill property to the Harbour District.  It is now a Superfund site and the taxpayers are paying for the cleanup. What the public doesn't know is that they kept the less polluted part of the property and are starting a new business as Fiberol Energy Inc.

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