Louisiana Pacific, the company that used to operate the mill is under orders to clean up the mill site.  Evergreen Pulp would have been included in the cleanup if they could be found.  Mr. Bob Simpson points out that Freshwater Tissue has not operated yet and therefore can't be held responsible for the cleanup.  He does not point out that he worked for Louisiana Pacific in an executive position when it was running the mill and thereby bears ethical if not legal responsibility.  We wonder why each new company is allowed to step away from the transgressions of the past.

The information about the cleanup is on Geotracker (State Water Board) under Enforcement.

December 14, 2009 letter from David Parsons of the State Water Board staff. "Failure to comply with this request may result in further enforcement activities that could include issuance of a cleanup and abatement order pursuant to Section 13304 of the California Water Code."

February 17, 2010 "The addition of arsenic analysis at MW-1 and the addition of total chromium, manganese, and nickel analyses at MWW-15 onto attachment A are necessary."  Attached to this letter is a two page table of chemicals that must be monitored.

March 17, 2010 "As stated in various correspondences and discussed at our last several meetings, there are specific areas of interest (AOIs)
(i.e. AOI-8 VOOC Area Southeast) with significant discharge threat to Humboldt Bay.  Other AOIs threaten groundwater and not Humboldt Bay." "As you are aware, eliminating the threatened discharge to Humboldt Bay is of serious concern to Regional Water Board staff.

Two things are puzzling and troubling to us.  Why is Freshwater Tissue being allowed to start up the mill before the cleanup has been completed and why is no one discussing the danger posed by the chemicals at the mill site to Humboldt Bay and our ground water? A complete list of chemicals in the wells at the mill site is on Geotracker.

4/19/2010 06:04:30 am

Now may be the time to consider our legal options.

Eva Longreen
4/23/2010 02:23:57 am

People should take notice of this
article. The number one concern should
be the safety of the people. What say
you Simpson?


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