In a letter dated May 19, 2010 The E.P.A. identifies compliance issues that must be fixed before Freshwater begins operation.  They must collect and control Hazardous Air emissions from the pulping systems including the Oxygen Delignation System Controls. Based on the E.P.A. inspection of the facility and information provided by Evergreen, "EPA determined that the Facility does not control emissions from the following units within the ODS: the second O2 washer, the post O2 surge tank, the seal tank, the second wash filtrate tank, and the screened stock chest." Freshwater tried to say that they didn't need these upgrades. The EPA is requiring them. Freshwater will need permits from the district before installation of these upgrades.
In addition, Freshwater must conduct performance testing of the steam stripper during bleaching operations.  "EPA expects that Freshwater will conduct a performance test, as soon as possible, but no more than 90 days after startup."
7/27/2010 10:46:39 am

Some stuff isnt even on line yet. And may not be put in-line (ODS2). So thats to be expected ( Testing).Most of the things here are nothing more then simple odor control. A few vents with fillters on them , Thats that.

7/27/2010 04:56:45 pm

Odor control was never successful while that mill was running. Remember the Stink Zone? It made Eureka infamous. So what's new now?

dedicated westender
7/27/2010 04:58:34 pm

I am glad EPA is watching out for us. I hope Freshwater understands that.

7/28/2010 01:26:24 am

Most odors were delt with during the 07-08 install of the venturi scrubber system. The mill shut down before you all would have noticed the change.
I understand your fears.
Give it one more chance.
Humbolt could lead the way as a world example of "Green industries"
Would'nt that fit kinda nice ?

7/28/2010 02:14:32 am

The purpose of steam stripping is to remove organics, such as methanol, from the evaporator/concentrator condensates. These condensates represent a significant portion of the mill’s BOD. By stripping these organics, the condensates become recyclable for use as clean wash water in the bleach plant. The remaining organics are incinerated to produce steam.


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