Greenwashing is presenting a public image that implies that the company is protecting the environment while it is really polluting for profit.  Both Freshwater Tissue and Evergreen Pulp picked names that create an image that is appealing to people who care about nature.  Freshwater puts a lot of pictures of trees on their website.  Those of us who attended the air meetings remember the green T shirts the Evergreen workers wore.  Now Freshwater has "Environmental Facts" on their website.  These consist of water reports all 1997 and before and a few quotes from the only studies they could find that even suggest that pulp mills could be OK, one from Ch2Mhill funded by Evergreen and one from Johns Hopkins 1997. (They do not quote the parts of the study that show increased cancer rates.)

They don't include in their Environmental Facts that the mill had its water permit revoked in 2008.  They don't mention the fines which could have been as much as $59,297,999,000 but were only $463,000.
These violations were from 2005 to 2007. There were more violations in 2008 that were not included in this fine.  These violations were for excess BODs (Biological Oxygen Demand(), TSS (Total Suspende Solids) and AOX (Absorbable Organic Halides). The amount discharged in Excess of 1000 gallons and not cleaned up is in the billions of gallons.  They don't mention the air violations.

We remember how Freshwater Tissue Co. made all the claims about how green they were going to be.  Now they are asking for a Water Permit where they admit that they can't comply with the Clean Water Act until September 2013. GREEN?                                                               

5/5/2010 05:58:31 pm

How green we are! How green we are! How green we are! How green! Sadly, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Baykeeper all endorsed the green plan for the toilet paper mill. So far, and to my knowledge, only Sierra Club has withdrawn its support

5/7/2010 02:27:29 am

The Evil mill commith.
Catch your breath,well you can.
Eat,drink and be marry.For soon the evil clouds begin their reign of terror.

6/6/2010 12:44:02 pm

It is so crazy, I can't believe the permits for all the mill's violations are so glibly handed out...please BE our public servants not our public betrayers. .....I've talked to so many folks that were made sick by the plume from the mill.


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