According to an advertisement in Sunday's Times Standard, Freshwater Tissue is auctioning off equipment including: the complete chip plant, complete machine shop c/w lathes, band saw, shop press, automotive repair shop, lift trucks and a long list of other equipment.

Also being sold by private sale are: the Chemical Recovery Boiler, Condensate Stripper, Kiln, Evaporation Plant, Brand new Duflow medium consistency pump, pulp bale presses, dewatering screw press made of stainless steel and more.

For a complete list of articles for sale check out

We guess they are not going to make pulp!!! But, what about the cleanup????? Demolition plan???? Public information????

Patty Clary
4/17/2012 02:20:23 pm

Who is now the responsible party for toxics at the pulp mill site?

4/18/2012 09:27:12 am

Louisiana Pacific and Freshwater Tissue Co.

4/20/2012 05:41:18 am

It is worth mentioning that Evergreen walked away without fulfilling their obligation to their workers or paying fines they owed. They should share responsibility for the cleanup, but they ceased to exist and transferred ownership to Freshwater through a series of backroom paper transactions. There is evidence that David Tsang head of Evergreen Pulp had a relationship with Freshwater Tissue. He was originally listed on the Evergreen website and is still listed on several business summary websites as part of Freshwater Tissue Co.

5/15/2012 02:17:33 am

Yes, David is still part of the money prize,,,,,,,,
Is there any response to to information of test sites ?
If in doubt, stay with Machine room floor dead center floor.
10-15 feet behind re-pulper 20-30 feet down,,,,,,,,,
That IS the flow table to the bay.
YES its all right there going right to the bay...
Wells 8 and 9 to the bay,,,,
Maybe even better under south warehouse floor,,out to the dock shore line,,, And Or ,Simpley check the shore line inside the south dock area,,,,,,, WHAT else can I direct U to ????? ,,,,,,,,,


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