A letter on the Geotracker website dated June 10, 2010 from the Water Board to Louisiana Pacific and Freshwater Tissue Co. outlines costs incurred by the Water Board for administering the cleanup of the mill site.  These costs will be billed to L.P. and Freshwater at a cost of $150 an hour.  The estimated cost for 2010 and 2011 is $13,500.   Results of the 2010 tests on the groundwater at the mill site are also on Geotracker including lists of dangerous chemicals many of which are above the reporting level.
6/19/2010 02:40:32 am

They'd better pay up!

6/20/2010 03:48:38 am

They allready have,,its in a found set up years ago. Edumacate please,,,,


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