According to the California Cancer Registry in the years 2004-2008, Humboldt/ Del Norte Counties' Cancer Rate was 538.98 per 100,000 people  when adjusted for age.  The overall rate for the state of California was 466.10 per 100,000.  Only Marin, San Luis Obispo, El Dorado and Mariposa Tuolumne fared worse than we did...

Invasive cancers are listed separately. The California average was 431.11 per 100,000.  Humboldt/ Del Norte was 503.46. Only El Dorado and Mariposa- Tuolumne had higher rates.

Other cancer statistics:

Non- hodgkin's lymphoma:
California    18.53
Humboldt Del Norte    21.24

California   11.47
Humboldt/ Del Norte  13.12

California 80.06
Humboldt/ Del Norte 82.10

California 45.84
Humboldt/ Del Norte 55.16 (The Highest rate in California)

California  5.74
Humboldt/ Del Norte 7.24

California  32.72
Humboldt/ Del Norte 37.17

All statistics are per 100,00 population and have been corrected for age.  You can view the statistics for other cancers or for other counties at the website of the California Cancer Registry under web query tool.


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