There will be a hearing on the demolition of the Samoa Pulp Mill January 20, 2011 10 AM at the County Planning Commission at H Street and Harris. The County is planning on permitting the demolition without a CEQA Review.  Issues of environmental health and safety may be discussed at this meeting.

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Ex-Repeat Of ,,,
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Look to the Tsunami burm. Drill a test well in the burm. We dug and dumped in deep trenchs. The exothermic fireworks made a good impression on most of us back in the 80,s.

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In reguards to under the Machine room floor. We dumped 1000;s of pounds of concret. All to stem the water table flow from the drains to the East side of the mill and the bay. In truth it did'nt work. Drill and test dead center in the Machine room on the back side of the pulper.
In reguards to the Tsunami burm and other spots of toxic dumping we did out there.Square the mill off in an East to West North to South grid. Then drill a test well at the extreme edge of each compus point on the property. 4 wells will tell a huge truth of the toxic history weve created.

You know my IP,,,,
And the trouble I;ve Been,,,,
This is my sorry,,,,,
And this is truth,,,,

I wont come forward,

But use this Mrs.Binder,,,,
Ask And I'll answer what I can to lead you through the truth.

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I misjudged you, I think you are a really good person and I appreciate your honesty!

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Sun K's message was deleted in error.

It read as follows:

Explore some neat photos of both mills....


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Kill it,,, or make it right ?

Asbestos,,,and,or ,,,more at the least ,,

Truck loads ,,,move through the town.


ASK,,,,,OR ,,,,AND ,,,goood luck...

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