The revised Water Permit for Freshwater Tissue is on the Northcoast Water Board site under tentative orders.  They have the cease and desist order scheduled for June 10, 2010 and the permit for July 15, 2010.  Comments from citizens, one environmental organization, Evergreen Pulp and Freshwater Tissue are also there. 

It will take more time to absorb all the changes, but a few stand out. The mill has been granted an exception to the suspended solids standard in the Ocean plan, but it can be changed. "If the State Water Board revises, reissues or revokes the Facility's Ocean Plan exception for the discharge of solids from its water treatment plant, the Regional Water Board may reopen this order and make modifications in requirements in this order related to this discharge."

A long list of chemicals and heavy metals that have to be monitored has been added to the permit including hexavalent chromium, arsenic, cadmium, copper, mercury, cyanide, nickel and many others. 

They leave open the possibility that the order may be reopened and effluent limitations established.  They mention the possibility that the order may be reopened and changed in several places.

We may have more comments once we have a chance to look at the permit in more depth.
5/30/2010 07:39:57 am

According to Water Board staff, the Cease and Desist Order that goes along with the pulp mill water permit will also be revised. There will be another 30 day comment period on changes to this document. The hearing on the changes (Cease and Desist Order)will be either July 15, 2010 or in August.

6/1/2010 01:13:43 am

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