The Water Board is monitoring the wells at the Samoa Pulp Mill, and the Air District is monitoring the removal of asbestos. But, what about the land?  Has the soil been tested?  Are there toxins buried out there as commenters on this site have suggested?  Will the owners past and present be made to clean up the soil on the site? Will there be an overall plan for a clean up or will Freshwater Tissue Co. be allowed to start a new business on top of whatever toxins are at the site?
Just wondering.

Bob Simpson
2/10/2011 08:12:36 am


LP is working with the NCRWQCB to establish a baseline for the cleanup of the property. I am confident there are no toxins buried on the property. We would not have acquired the property if the reports had indicated otherwise. Lastly, the State isn't going to allow anything to be constructed until the property meets the cleanup requirement being worked out with LP.

I hope that you are clear about our current work plan. All work being conducted is above ground. There are no concrete slabs or foundations being removed nor is there any asphalt being lifted. In other words, the two buildings being demolished will come down flush to the concrete slab so no soil will be exposed.

The tank farm containing chemicals are part of what we refer to as phase 2 in our demolition process. Only phase 1 is included in this demo permit.

I hope this answers your questions.

2/11/2011 02:14:22 pm


Dont push the landfill issue,,,
Just test it and see.

You were plant manager then,,,
And I worked Samoa On graves .
When we buried . By mill orders,,,,,
Simple memory,
Let them open test,,,,,,
The burm east side,,,
And yes machine room Dead center floor
,,,Where we poured concrete to stop the water table flow to the bay ,,,,,,,

Mabey I could get more detailed ,with others to back me as this goes forward.
Some of that ash lit up remember ?
A little exothermicic reaction with sparks and all.........

Better to have run the mill . then to run it down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This truth I do swear By,,,,,,,,,,

2/15/2011 01:29:07 pm

2/16/2011 03:21:25 am

Unfortunately, the video listed in the previous message comes up as "This video is not available."

2/18/2011 04:49:10 am

Youtube,Barry Mcguire. Title, Eve of Destruction.
Dramatic yes,,,,,,,
But it fits these guys once again.

Please get the "EPA" ? .Someone,, to do a few random soil test . Burm area and behind the water treatment plant And under the machine room floor even the log deck . The 80's were a free for all dumping time.

Bob Simpson
2/19/2011 12:19:45 am

EX & Barry,

I would like to clear up the pulp fiction of your earlier blog.

1) I became LP's Western Division Manager in April of 1992.

2) LP's 30 MW power plant permanently closed in 1989.

3) The landfill previously known as Mt. Martin consisted of boiler ash from the power plant. I am unaware of any sparks that came from the landfill or any other pulp mill location.

4) The State Water Board ordered LP, as part of LP's request to close the boiler ash landfill, to break the landfill into two piles and cap the landfill(s) with clay. The work was completed after I left LP in January of 1996. Nothing unusual was reported in LP's environmental files when the work activity occurred and the State Water Board was on site to review LP's work activity.

5) After investigating your allegation of a concrete pour in the machine room I have found that you are partially correct. The pour took place in the early 1980's as part of an engineered solution to stop a liquor spill migrating. If you research the State Water Board records you will find the event is noted, the engineered plans were approved by the State of California, and the location was not the machine room. It was in fact near the pulp storage tanks. This event resulted in the Water Board issuing an order that forced LP to install full containment around all tanks containing fluids of any kind.

6) The only log deck on the pulp mill property now owned by Freshwater was a small tanoak log deck on the south side of the pulp mill next to the North Coast chip export facility. The logs have since been removed. You must be referring to the sawmill log deck area owned by California Redwood. I have no knowledge of your allegation.

7) Evergreen Pulp environmental files indicate Evergreen hired an environmental engineering firm to search for alleged buried pollution around the site. In short, the report indicates nothing was found.

8) If Freshwater found any indication of an illegal dumping or unreported pollution source point we would use all legal means to force LP to clean it up.

Thank you for your concerns.

2/20/2011 01:49:47 am

1. Good come back on most of it,,,,,,,,,,,took a bit did'nt it ?

2.But we poured concrete again, under the machine room floor in 2006-07.
And test wells just outside the south door machine room did test dirty in 07 and thats a hidden fact . I was there talking with the guys doing the work.

3) "The landfill previously known as Mt. Martin consisted of boiler ash from the power plant. I am unaware of any sparks that came from the landfill or any other pulp mill location.",,,
Bob ,,,
Thanks for checking . But anyone who answers that saw it ."MT Blackburn".
Martin was the cover name.

4. And becoming "division manager in 92 dont cover 88-89-90 does it .

Were talking BIOCIDES,SIZING AGENTS,and any drums that could no longer be identified. Acids,etc,Near M/Ts what ever was on site was M/Td in those trench's

6.YOU know,, We all know ,

7.But we see that the EPA is turning its head to any type of ash arent they ?
Its not all just ash buried in there .IS it?

8.And also calling what I say or claim is "PULP FICTION" . DONT play that BS card at us old guys.

9.100 more graves out there can get dug up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

10.A few of us have talked now,,,,

11.Just call for a few extra health test in the areas claimed,,,,,,
And we might let it go .

12.Just do the right GD thing first .
And then youll get to make the Buck.

13.You held us up for 2 years ,,,Pay a few truth bills first .
And then we can let it go .

14. Dont ever think its ok to let any people live or play in those old sites,
Do you all see how they chop up ownership even though those in the know . DO know the truth of the pollution.
Whats different Here then any other site around the country ?


Old Ex,,

2/20/2011 08:32:49 am


Drop the anger and hostility. I am not your enemy. Enjoy life because it doesn't last very long.

My comments are sincere and honest. I don't know of any of the issues you have raised. But I do ask questions and I do research everything I hear.

LP is working directly with the NCRWQCB on proposed cleanup levels for the Samoa site. LP contracted SHN for the engineering work. It is not my position to start digging holes and tearing apart a closed landfill. However, it is your legal right to talk directly with the State Water Board should you choose. If you feel strongly about your knowledge then call Catherine Kuhlman. Do you understand how foolish I would look if I told the Water Board that an unidentified EX employee informed me on a blog site of undisclosed pollution?

Lastly, I did not hold you or any other member of the AWPPW up for two years. We acquired a closed pulp mill at the beginning of the worst recession America has faced since the great depression. This was a period of bank failures, home foreclosures and a total collapse of the timber industry. I did my best to raise the necessary capital but my best wasn't good enough. For the record, I offered the AWPPW, The Carpenter's Union and other associated Unions the opportunity to be our partner or to but the entire enterprise. None of them would invest. The AWPPW provided political support but the best of all Union support came from Sid Berg at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. The guy is a champion by any standard.

2/21/2011 01:41:39 am

Did the last commenter forget to put his name? He is arguing with Ex, but calls himself Ex. Bob Simpson?

Bob Simpson
2/21/2011 10:59:15 am


My apology. I apparently I didn't type my name on my blog dated Feb. 20 at 16:32 hours

2/21/2011 01:08:24 pm

Yes accepted,,,

But U also know what rings true,,,,,,

Bob Simpson
2/21/2011 07:56:03 pm


The only thing I know is what I have explained earlier. Nobody I have spoke to will support your statements. I encourage you to call Jim Lund or Rod Ledbetter if you have specific details you would like to provide. If they know what you are talking about then I will raise the issues with LP. Your name will have to be disclosed for your statements to have credibility.

2/22/2011 02:06:50 am

As I have learned it is a difficult thing to speak up against this pulp mill in Humboldt county. If Ex revealed who he was, he could be intimidated and ridiculed. A better idea is for there to be an investigation including testing of the soil at the mill.
Then we would all know for sure what is there.

Bob Simpson
2/22/2011 05:25:26 am


As you are aware, there are over 20 monitoring wells at the site. When there are significant traces of pollutants that show up in monitoring wells then the Water Board directs the landowner, or in our case, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, to remediate. Generally speaking, that includes hauling away contaminated soil. So in conclusion, the Water Board is already investigating and they can't work any faster than the current pace.

Jim Lund
2/22/2011 08:41:40 am

I would like to respond to the comment regarding the concrete pour in the machine room in 2006. The floor under the main dryer section had cracked over time and made it quite difficult for the grab trucks to work in that area. The damaged concrete was removed and the floor repaired to provide a safe operating surface. The motivation to complete this work was safe equipment operation and nothing more.

2/23/2011 08:15:33 am

Ok , So its said that all is above board and honest on their part.
It would seem the "history of violations and massive fines" would point differntly.
And the reason the machine room floor "cracked" and was re-concreted was because the water table undermind the floor.Moving the black liq towards the bay. And we never did fill the hole .Just covered it mostly.


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