The North Coast Regional Water Board will discuss the pulp mill.  The meeting will be March 25 at 9AM.  Other issues will also be discussed.
There will be a time for public comment.  This may be our only chance to be heard.  Later meetings on the mill may be held in Santa Rosa.  Freshwater Pulp wants to start up without meeting environmental standards. They talk about setting up a time schedule which is code for we will pollute now and promise to clean up later.  Haven't we heard this before?  Remember Evergreen's promises.

They are also asking for a permit to put wastewater into the ocean as part of their clean up.  There may not be monitoring of chemicals exhausted from the mill.    As we have discussed earlier, there are high concentrations of many toxic chemicals in the wells on the millsite including many prop 65 cancer causing chemicals such as hexavalent chromium and arsenic. They are being pressured to clean up the site.  What they are cleaning up are these toxic chemicals.  Does this mean that they can put these chemicals out the exhaust pipes? What is to stop them?

If we don't speak up, we will look out the window one day and the ugly plume and the smell will be back.
3/20/2010 10:44:40 pm

What a nightmare. Why don't they leave us alone!


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