1.The Water Permit will be appealed.

2. The Cease and Desist Order has a list of 23 deadlines that must be met or the Water Permit can be revoked.
"IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that if, in the opinion of the Executive Officer, the Discharger fails to comply with the provisions of this Order, the Executive Officer is authorized to request that the Attorney General take appropriate judicial enforcement, issue a complaint for Administrative Civil Liability, bring an order before this Regional Water Board to revoke WDR Order No. R1-2010-0033 or take other appropriate enforcement actions as authorized by California Water Code." The order is in effect until 2014.

3. The Title V Permit for the mill is overdue for renewal.  A hearing will have to be held with public input. The mill cannot operate without a Title V permit.

4. Once people know there is a danger of the mill opening, public opposition will grow.

5. If the mill starts up, there will be toxic emissions which may result in lawsuits.

6. This mill is old and broken down.  There is some new equipment, but much of the mill is old.  There are frequent breakdowns. They will just have to keep sinking money into the mill to keep it going.

7. The mill is a toxic cleanup site.  The wells at the mill are full of cancer causing chemicals.

8. The mill must conduct frequent testing for toxic chemicals, BODs, TSS which will be expensive.  If these chemicals are found there must be more testing.

9. The mill will use precious species such as the redwood and the tan oak.  This will cause public outcry as more trees are cut.

10. The market for pulp is changeable. Evergreen could not make a go of it. 

11. We will not go away.  We will not forget how we were treated by Evergreen Pulp.

12. The mill is already in debt.  It owes the Water Board $900,000.  What else does it owe?

7/17/2010 10:56:30 am

WOW,,,Ok then,,,, We should just listen to yout NIMBY dreams,and take your word for all this stuff you know as fact.
You guys are so far off on your story telling. You do an injustice to the informed and those who seek the truth .
I'm only talking as a life time employe there, what do I know ? I'm bias !

7/17/2010 06:37:49 pm

I understand. It's your job, your livelihood. But don't you wish you could be assured that pollution from the operation was going to meet standards for Clean Air. Protecting employees. Protecting neighbors. That's what its's all about.

Same thing with the water. Don't you wish that the operation discharges did not poison fish and other forms of life? Don't you wish that the surfers didn't have to sue to protect their bodies from toxic chemicals. That's why there are legal limits to each of the dangerous chems.

Call us NIMBYs. Call us sicko. We're just looking out for all of us.

7/21/2010 11:04:43 am

Thank you to those who bravely represented the public at the recent licensing meeting. It is deeply regretted that no member of the environmental advocacy community "proper" was present. We once again face the opening and operation of the pulp mill. These past months of mill closure have given me my first experience of reasonably clean air in Eureka. I regret that this will change with the renewal of the license to emit waste into the air and ocean. I oppose this industry. It offers employment to very few. Most profit goes offshore. It harms many more.

7/23/2010 02:20:44 pm

I think Mr. Simpson has the support of most environmental conscience organizations. This mill looks like they can be a standard bearer for pulp mills in the future. I just hope all things go smoothly from here on.


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